LoveandTravel: This travel couple surprised everyone and got married on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world in Seychelles.

LoveandTravel: Today we have the honour to exclusively interview Veronica & Mamour from Love&Travel. They are here to tell us more about their choice to have a secret wedding on a beautiful beach in Seychelles.



Hi, we are Veronica & Mamour, two guys who met six years ago in London, a wonderful city, falling in love at first sight. Two ordinary guys who have chosen to be happy and to pursue their dream.

LoveandTravel: You’ve decided to change your life, to leave behind a standard life and to travel the world. When and how did this idea come about?

Honestly, everything has started just for fun! We both deeply love travelling. When we have to plan a new trip, we are so excited, we love to plan everything on our own, from A to Z. Love&Travel started as Facebook page and It’s been a beautiful surprise to see that people loved our adventures and that we had so many followers, more than 120k. This is amazing. Love & Travel is now on Instagram, has a YouTube channel and also a Blog.

A few years ago we made a promise to each other, that one day we would have travelled the world together. Maybe that’s why Love&Travel has arrived, it was time to do that. It took us months of planning and organisation, specially with our job, but finally that day has arrived. We named this our first big adventure “7monthsaroundtheworld”, a 7 months trip around the world touching all the continents and trying to learn and explor as much as possible.

LoveandTravel: How has your life changed since then?

Unlike other people who started a similar adventure, we haven’t quit our job. We are lucky enough to have our own business back in London and a good team helping us to run it. Also with a good internet connection and a laptop you can work from the other side of the world. Our life changed a lot, 4 months ago we were living in London, one of the busiest city in the world, now we are travelling the world. We could’t be happier.

LoveandTravel: What did you do for living before this adventure and how did your family and friends react to your decision?

Something completely different! We work in the real estate and in finance. Love&Travel is our little paradise. The real shok for our family and friends was when they found out that our wedding was cancelled. Let me explain. We were supposed to get married in Italy last summer but this project has changed our plan. Why settle for only one big day when you can have many more? Our choice was to invest all the money and time for this adventure instead of the wedding.

LoveandTravel: You have chosen to travel instead of getting married; or more precisely, you have chosen to renounce to a big Italian wedding and with a huge surprise, to get married on a beautiful beach in Seychelles. Only the two of you.

Exactly! On the 10th of October, surprising everyone, we did promise each other eternal love in one of the most romantic and beautiful places on earth. A little intimate beach in Seychelles. We choose to achieve our two biggest dreams: get married and travel the world together. We couldn’t have done a better choice.

LoveandTravel: Which countries have you visited till now? Where are you now and where are you going next?

Our adventure has started on July 1. It’s so true that time flies by so fast when you are enjoying. We’ve travelled more than 5000 miles in the States, driving from Chicago to Los Angeles, we have explored South America, travelled Australia on board of a little campervan, enjoying Indonesia and learning so

much in Sri Lanka. We are now in the beautiful Africa. Around mid of November we will go back to Asia to explore many more countries, as well as China, Japan and South East Asia.

LoveandTravel: Let’s talk in terms of finance. Travelling constantly isn’t cheap. How do you support yourself?

We must admit that our itinerray is not the cheapest one since we are travelling so many coutries all around the world. It includes many flights and a long time in some countries where the cost of the life is quite expensive compared to others, like US, Australia and Japan. At the moment Love&Travel doesn’t cover our expenses that’s why we are still running our main business, also we have some savings.

LoveandTravel: What are the difficulties you have to go through every day during your journey around the world?

We all know that these little adversities are far away from real problems. We are travelling the world with the person we love and that’s enough to make us awake every day with a big smile on our faces. We are very grateful for this. When you are travelling some coutries it’s a bit hard to get used to their low hygenic standards, that’s probably the hardest part. When we were visiting Salar de Uyuni – wonderful place – we had no other choice to spend two nights in sleeping bags, in a very basic accommodation with -10 degrees. It was tremendously cold. In Australia, for 4 weeks our home was a little campervan, we also slept in a tent, we shared the bedroom with other people and latest but not least we took four flight in one day. Believe it or not, one of us (she) is scared of flying and it wasn’t easy. As all the Italians we love food, I mean, the good food. Don’t get me wrong, we are always happy and willing to eat local food but after 4 months of continuos travelling, it happens that sometimes what you most dream is just “Mama’s Food”.

Do you have any recommendations for other people who want to do the same choice?

If it makes you happy, just do it.

Travelling from one coutry to another, how do you take care of your blog. What is your blog about?

We are trying to spend as much time as possible on our blog but it’s not always possible. We are travelling a lot, doing many activities and visiting many spots. In some countries the internet speed is really slow and it’s almost impossible to upload contents. Travel is our passion and with this page our intention is to share our tips with other people. Our intent was to inspire people to travel more and to live life on their terms. For those people who can’t afford to travel, our hope is to make them explore the beautiful world through our stories and videos.

And now a bit of romanticism. When did you understand that you were destinated to spend your life together?

From day one. It might sounds prosaic I know. We were not looking for love and we had different plans for our lifes but it happened. They say that the best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most

unexpected time. We could’t agree more.

LoveandTravel: What are your secret wishes?

We are dreamers so we have a long list. First of all we wish this beatiful adventure never ends. We are aware that in order to make dreams come true we have to make projects and work hard. Our project is to grow Love&Travel in order to make our dream come true.

How people can contact you and follow you on your jorney?

People can message us through our socials. To see every day new pics and videos they can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. They can also subsribe our YouTube channel and our Blog.

LoveandTravel: Your adventure is called #7monthsaroundtheworld. Our last questioni is: is there any chances this trip can last more?

It would be amazing! We have plans to end this trip around February 2018 but if we would have the chance or new opportunities we would be more than happy to extend the trip journey and to add many more country on our list.

Enjoy and follow us 🙂



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Writing by Annalisa Galloni

Annalisa Galloni

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